Why you shouldn't name your son after his father: one name brings misfortune

Is it possible to name a son after his father or a deceased relative

There is a popular belief associated with names that advise against naming a newborn after a deceased relative or a person with an unfortunate fate.

Psychologists partly agree with these folk superstitions, suggesting that giving a child the same name as his father might hinder the development of his individuality from an early age. Read the OBOZREVATEL article to explore whether naming a son after his father is truly forbidden.

Folk Superstitions

Ancestral wisdom suggests that by naming a boy after his father, the child will inevitably follow the same path and experience similar challenges and misfortunes.

Even if the father led a happy life, the belief is that two individuals in a family should not share the same name, as it may cause the guardian angel to stop protecting one of them.

There's a notion that individuals with the same name share the same energy field, weakening the protection for both, makes them vulnerable to negative factors.

Psychological Perspective

Regardless of the name, a child will inherit certain traits and health predispositions from the father.

Psychologists emphasize that having two people with the same name in a family can lead to awkward situations, but creative use of nicknames can mitigate this.

Children may feel a lack of individuality if they share the same name as one of their parents, potentially causing resentment and competition between names.

Naming a Child after a Deceased Relative

It is common to name children after deceased family members, provided the deceased lived a happy, long life without serious health issues.

However, it is advised against naming a child after someone who died early or had significant health problems.

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