Why you shouldn't clean when loved ones are on a journey: the essence of the superstition

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According to the superstition, one should not clean immediately after a family member has set off on a journey

For a long time, many folk beliefs and superstitions have been associated with embarking on a long journey. Alongside the tradition of "sitting down on the track," there is another widely popular superstition that advises against washing the floor or sweeping for three days after a family member departs.

Taking out the garbage from the house just before the journey is also not recommended. OBOZREVATEL analyzed the essence of this superstition.

The primary meaning behind the superstition is the belief that some misfortune might befall the traveler on the road. The trip could end in a serious accident or disaster, the person might get injured, lose luggage, money, etc. The most fatalistic version of this belief suggests that the traveler may never return home again.

Therefore, those who adhere to superstitions avoid starting urgent household work when bidding farewell to a family member heading on a journey. Cleaning on the day of departure or a few hours before it is also discouraged.

It is said that one should refrain from washing the floor or cleaning for three days. According to another common version, cleaning should commence when the traveler reaches their destination. The same applies to bidding farewell to someone going on a business trip.

The superstition also holds a positive aspect. If you sweep and wash the stairs in the entrance or on the porch before leaving, the trip is believed to be easy and successful.

After seeing off guests, it is not advisable to immediately start mopping the floor, as this may lead to difficulties and failures. Instead, one can wash dishes, clean plumbing, remove shoes and a rug from the hallway, tidy up the coat rack, and perform some cosmetic cleaning, such as organizing books, magazines, and toys, and watering the flowers.

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