Why you should not throw away packets with silicone beads: where they can be useful

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Packets with silica gel can be useful in various corners of the home

You've probably seen it - a small bag with a warning not to eat its contents. You can find them in boxes of appliances, shoes, or clothes. They contain beads of silica gel, a specially formed sodium silicate. This is an extremely hygroscopic substance that keeps things from getting too wet during transportation. As a rule, these bags are thrown away immediately after opening the box.

But it's a waste. Sante Plus magazine says that they can be very useful in the household. And they can come in handy in a whole bunch of different situations.

Protection of shoes

During daily wear, shoes become saturated with moisture - this is sweat that inevitably appears on the skin of the foot. You can remove it by placing such a bag inside each shoe overnight. This, in particular, will help to avoid the appearance of an unpleasant odor in the shoes. However, there is no need to throw away the silica gel after such use. It can absorb much more moisture.

A helper in the care of things in the closet and bag

You can also get an unpleasant odor in your gym bag when you take your damp gym clothes home from a workout. Just put silica gel in it and it will absorb excess liquid.

Similarly, you can place the substance on each shelf in your wardrobe. In this case, the items in it will be reliably protected from humidity fluctuations. For example, during the rainy season or after the end of the heating season.

Preserving the archive

Even though most of our memories are now stored online in the clouds, many people still have archives with paper photos, or even films with negatives, VHS tapes, and even old documents at home. They all deteriorate from moisture. And silica gel can help prevent this. Sort your archive as you need it, put it in plastic containers with sturdy lids, and put 1-2 sachets of the substance in each.

Improve storage conditions for cosmetics and medicines

Cosmetics, some household chemicals, and especially medicines need the right storage conditions. High humidity is a serious violation of these conditions. Therefore, a sachet of silica gel in your cosmetic bag or first aid kit will be more than appropriate. Especially if you store these items in the refrigerator, which by definition has high humidity.

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