Why you should not dry clothes on radiators: the expert gave an explanation

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Wet clothes on the radiator can make the room colder

The heating season has already begun in Ukraine and many people will start drying their laundry on warm radiators. This is indeed much faster than hanging things up on the balcony, for example, and seems like a convenient and good way out.

But, according to RSPV Live, this is not the case. The journalists asked plumber Jordan Chance what he thought about this habit, and he gave three reasons why using batteries instead of a dryer is a bad idea.

This method increases the humidity in the room

The water that evaporates from clothes under the influence of heat does not disappear without a trace – it remains in the form of vapor in the room air. And the faster the clothes dry, the more steam accumulates in the room. When clothes dry at a normal pace, the ventilation system copes with its removal quite effectively. If this happens at an accelerated pace, the humidity can reach an excessive level and settle in the form of condensation, which can cause mold to develop in the room. And its spores can cause significant health damage.

Wet clothes block heat

This winter, our homes will be a little cooler than usual. That's why we'll definitely notice that wet clothes on the radiator reduce the temperature in the room. Drying them consumes heat energy, which is not used for general heating. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to simply place the dryer closer to the radiator rather than blocking the heat generation.

This can lead to unnecessary costs

This point is relevant for those who have an individual heating boiler in their apartment. Since drying clothes consumes extra heat energy that the apartment does not receive, you may want to increase the heating power. This will automatically lead to an increase in resource consumption (gas or electricity) and higher bills.

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