Why you can't store sugar and salt in the same cupboard: the essence of superstition

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Proper organization of products in the kitchen can bring abundance and happiness to the house

Some products cannot get along not only in one dish. Folk signs say that placing them next to each other in the kitchen can bring conflicts and quarrels into the family's life. Therefore, if you are going through a difficult period, look through your cabinets and see if you can "separate" salt and sugar and other supplies.

OBOZREVATEL asked about the signs related to the kitchen. Here is a list of ways to improve the home atmosphere.

Salt and sugar are considered antagonistic products, although they are combined in cooking. That's why you shouldn't store them side by side. To avoid conflicts, pour them into opaque containers and put them in different cupboards.

Flour should be stored away from prying eyes in a closed cupboard or drawer. This is because of the symbolic meaning of the product, it is considered the embodiment of prosperity. Flour should be stored in a tight package and make sure that it does not spill out, as this can portend losses and quarrels.

All bulk foods (cereals, sugar, salt) are best stored in jars or containers, not in bags, from which they can easily spill out. Signs say that such wastage is to gossip about the family.

Any wheat products, be it cereals, pasta, or flour, are best stored under a golden-colored lid. This is supposed to attract wealth to the house.

To protect yourself from negative energy, you can sprinkle a little semolina in the corners of the room. It is believed that it can absorb negativity. So, leave it there overnight and sweep it away in the morning.

Another amulet is a bay leaf. To prevent it from losing its properties, it should be stored in a glass jar somewhere in plain sight.

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