Why you can't give towels: it's considered a bad omen

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Attitudes towards embroidered and household towels may differ

Sometimes a towel seems like a good idea for a gift. For example, for a housewarming party, when a family needs a lot of household items. But in fact, folk superstitions say that it is a very bad gift. But why can't you give a towel as a gift?

OBOZREVATEL has figured out the essence of superstition. It has to do with the magical properties that people attribute to towels. In particular, this thing is used in funeral rites and hung on a cross on the grave.

Since one of the main symbolic meanings of a towel is a road for the soul to pass to the next world, such a gift is believed to be able to bring about a person's death and open this path for them ahead of time. If the item is given to people who are in a couple, it can bring them separation. Of course, the towel has other interpretations and uses, but this is what makes it a bad gift.

However, there is an opinion that the sign works only for ceremonial or decorative towels. But everyday versions, such as bath or kitchen towels, do not have such a meaning, so you can freely give them to anyone. But if the person you are preparing a surprise for is superstitious in their own right, then, of course, it is better to choose something else for them.

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