Why you can't do laundry before bed: what does the sign portend

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People say that you can't do laundry at night

It's not always possible to do laundry during the day, so many people are used to turning on the washing machine in the evening before going to bed. Many signs have long been associated with the dark time of day, and one of them relates to laundry.

Superstitious people avoid doing laundry in the evening because they believe that clothes should not be left to dry overnight. Read OBOZREVATEL's article to find out what the essence of the sign is.

The origin of the omen dates back to pagan times, as our ancestors considered sunset to be a special time. Twilight is believed to have strong energy, so in the evening, they did not take out the garbage, clean the rooms, or hang out clothes to dry. It is believed that at night, "evil spirits" are activated and thus negative energy can be attracted to the house.

Therefore, it has long been customary to remove dried clothes before dark. Adherents of superstition believe that washing clothes at night can bring on illness, including headaches.

According to a more radical version, if clean clothes are left to dry outside overnight, enemies can bring about a spell or curse on the family.

It was said that things dried in the moonlight were filled with negative energy and could attract bad luck and health problems. On the contrary, sunlight will bring warmth and healing.

People say it's best to do laundry in the morning. Doing laundry early in the morning is believed to "wash away success" for the next day.

A separate category of signs is associated with the days of the week. It was not advised to do laundry on Monday, as it could ward off bad luck and bring misfortune. And a week that starts with laundry will be full of hard work. It is best to do laundry on Wednesday and Friday.

It has long been forbidden to do laundry on holidays according to the Orthodox calendar.

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