Why you can't carry money in your pocket: the answer will surprise you

Why keeping money in your pocket is a bad idea

It has long been said that crumpled banknotes, hastily tucked away in a pocket, will not bring any good. Superstitious people believe that this way you can bring poverty, hardship, and financial troubles.

And the thing is that money, according to ancient beliefs, loves "respectful treatment." Those who want to attract wealth should not handle banknotes so carelessly and carelessly. Read the OBOZREVATEL article to find out why this is a negative sign and how to store money properly.

According to popular belief, a dismissive attitude to money will lead to a complete loss of wealth and further poverty.

According to another version of the belief, not only crumpled bills, but also bills with creases have negative energy. Dirty, soiled money also does not bode well.

Carrying money in pockets with holes in them is another bad omen. This way, wealth seems to "run away" from a person, and even hard work will not help accumulate savings. It is said that unfavorable events will constantly occur, leading to sudden expenses.

Many cultures have a saying that money likes order. Bills are advised to be neatly stored in a wallet, and coins should be kept in a separate pocket.

If you have a money box at home, it is believed that it should not be near the front door. It is said that all negative energy passes through the hallway.

In addition, it was also not advised to keep money in the bedroom. The explanation here is quite interesting: money has to work, and the "sleepy" energy of the bedroom is meant for peace and rest.

By the way, there are several other places in the house where you shouldn't keep money. Read the article to find out whether an ordinary jar is suitable for hiding money and whether you can drag bills with an elastic band.

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