Why wear a safety pin on clothes: how to choose it correctly

A safety pin on clothes

A pin is typically used as a talisman against the evil eye. Symbolically, it appears to protect a person's energy space from negative influence.

Superstitious individuals claim that simply pinning a pin to your clothes is not sufficient. OBOZREVATEL explains the essence of the belief and how to choose the right pin for a talisman.

How to choose a pin

Pay attention to the color of the pin:

  • Green is believed to be suitable for children and pregnant women.
  • The elderly chose a purple amulet.
  • A black pin is thought to help get rid of a lack of money.
  • Red pins have long been used by women to "conjure up" their loved ones.
  • Yellow and orange pins can be given as a protective amulet to a friend.

The material should be strong enough: stainless steel, silver, gold.

Children's pins

Our ancestors used to create amulets for newborns, attempting to protect the child's energy field. It was believed that a pin could shield the baby from unfriendly glances.

How to wear a pin correctly

It is advised to wear the amulet pin on the inside of your clothes. The head of the pin should "look" down. It is best to attach it to the hem of a dress or on the bottom of a T-shirt. You can also carry the amulet in your pocket. The main thing is that it should not be seen by strangers.

If the pin opens and falls

It has long been said that if a pin suddenly opens and falls, it should not be put back up. This means that the amulet has fulfilled its role by absorbing all the negative energy.

The pin should also be regularly cleansed of negativity. Superstitious individuals advise doing this on the full moon. After washing the pin with cold water, put it in salt overnight. Salt is believed to have cleansing properties. In the morning, attach the amulet to your clothes and rinse off the salt in the sink under running water.

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