Why spray cucumbers and tomatoes with a milk mixture: a useful trick

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Milk with iodine helps protect vegetables from diseases

To protect their garden crops from diseases and pests, summer house residents resort to a variety of tricks. One of the most unusual life hacks recommends using a spray based on milk and iodine against blackening of tomatoes and wilting of cucumbers.

OBOZ.UA decided to find out how such a mixture can help and how to prepare it to protect your vegetables most effectively.

Experts say that spraying with milk and iodine helps protect tomatoes from late blight, which causes blackening of the fruit. The mixture can also be a good way to prevent powdery mildew, which affects both crops. Some gardeners claim that this treatment also helps fight aphids.

So, how do you prepare such a useful mixture? Take a bucket of summer water and add a bottle of store-bought milk to it. It is important to use pasteurized milk because it will definitely be free of any bacteria of its own. In this solution, you should also add 10-20 drops of iodine and a tablespoon of laundry soap shavings. The shavings can be replaced with a liquid product. In this case, the dosage is the same.

All ingredients should be mixed and used immediately in the garden. It is best to spray in the evening so that it does not evaporate immediately in the sun but stays on the leaves for some time to work better.

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