Why spouses should not wipe their hands with one towel: the essence of superstition

Even doctors do not recommend keeping one towel in the house for everyone

In Ukrainian culture, a towel is considered one of the most sacred and magical objects. Many signs and superstitions are related to it. One of them explicitly forbade spouses to wipe their hands with the same towel.

OBOZ.UA learned more about the most common superstitions about towels. We will explain why spouses should have different towels.

From an esoteric point of view, using the same towel leads to quarrels and disputes in married life and can even lead to divorce. There is a rather pragmatic explanation for this superstition. Each of us carries a unique set of microorganisms on our bodies, familiar to the person, but potentially dangerous to others. Other people's bacteria can cause various skin reactions, colds, and digestive disorders. That's why even doctors recommend that each family member have their own separate towel and wash home textiles regularly.

However, this is not the only superstition associated with towels. Here are some other popular signs.

  • If a towel falls, it portends bad news or unwanted guests. The item should be picked up and hung up for at least a few seconds before using it again.
  • It is forbidden to wash the floor with old towels. This can bring poverty, illness and personal loss.
  • You should also not give towels as gifts. Such a gift can separate people forever.
  • Hanging an object on the door is strongly discouraged. In ancient times, such a gesture meant that someone had died in the house. Therefore, superstitious people believe that nowadays it can also bring death.
  • You can't hit either people or animals with a towel. If you hit a person, your secrets will become known to others. If you hit an animal, you will face wasted money and prolonged depression.

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