Why is a loop needed on sneakers and other footwear

Hinges on sneakers have different functions

Many shoe models feature a small loop at the back. Most people are unaware of its purpose and assume it's merely a decorative element.

However, it serves other functions you may not have realized. OBOZREVATEL will help you understand them.

If you don't have a shoe horn nearby, the loop at the back makes it easier to put on your shoes. Simply grip the loop with your finger, pull, and slip them on. This convenient method saves you from unnecessary hassle.

Additionally, this decorative element keeps your hands clean if the sneakers are dirty. You can put them on without touching another surface.

The laces and loops also facilitate washing your shoes safely in the washing machine. Tie the sneakers together with the lace and place them in the machine. This prevents them from moving around too much, preserving both the shoes and the washing machine.

Drying shoes is also simplified with the help of loops. You can hang them on a clothesline using clothespins.

For a trendy and modern appearance, you can use loops to lace up your sneakers. First, lace up your shoes in the usual manner, then thread the lace through the loop and around your foot. This not only enhances your look but also securely fastens the shoes to your foot.

Sometimes eyelets are also employed for human safety. They are made of reflective materials, ensuring that a driver can see a pedestrian on the road during the evening or at night.

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