Why the front door was upholstered with artificial leather in the USSR: where did the trend come from

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The strange Soviet fashion was due to very specific reasons

Even today, in many entrances of Soviet-built buildings, you can still find doors upholstered in soft-filled leatherette. For the younger generation, this looks strange and incomprehensible, but this habit of Soviet people had quite clear reasons.

OBOZ.UA has studied the life of Soviet people and tells where this fashion came from. And what it has to do with not only functionality but also beauty.

Aesthetics and design

The design was, to put it mildly, not the strongest point of the Soviet industry. There were only a few types of doors available, they were mostly made of wood and looked quite simple. Therefore, people who wanted to demonstrate their taste and even a certain level of wealth would finalize the design themselves. Compared to a painted door leaf, which could crack or scratch, a door upholstered in leather looked very advantageous. Moreover, the material was not just fixed with nails, but also decorated with straps or decorative washers.

Protection and durability

In the conditions of an uninsulated and uninsulated from humidity entrance of a Khrushchev or Brezhnev building, wooden doors quickly deteriorated. And the dermatin coating allowed it to extend its service life. The leatherette protected the board from moist air, and the warm foam filler protected it from temperature changes. In addition, such upholstery could be replaced quite easily in case of damage. In this case, there was no need to replace all the doors.

Heat and sound insulation

Another typical problem of Soviet buildings is poor insulation against heat leaks and extraneous sounds. Typical doors let in almost all the noise from the entrance. While a well-made lining of foam rubber or cotton wool could reduce these unpleasant effects. The apartment became both warmer and quieter. Some argued that it even managed to protect the home from unpleasant odors, which were quite typical for cramped entrances.

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