Why freshly ground coffee is placed in a room after renovation: an inventive trick

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Coffee grounds will replace the smell of paint with the aroma of your favorite drink

Anyone who has ever painted something at home knows how persistent the paint smell can be. It's especially difficult to deal with if you've painted the walls. Paint fumes don't just smell bad, they can be quite harmful, so you need to ventilate the room. And also put a bowl of freshly ground coffee.

But why? Cleaning experts say that it will make ventilation more effective. All because of its outstanding deodorizing properties. OBOZ.UA tells you in more detail what makes coffee so effective and how to use it to eliminate odors in the room.

How coffee eliminates odors

Natural coffee contains a lot of nitrogen - this substance helps to fight unpleasant odors. Nitrogen, combined with carbon, is used in industrial air filters to eliminate strong odors, such as hydrogen sulfide.

In addition, ground coffee is very hygroscopic, which means it will absorb all the water droplets that may contain aromatic molecules. Instead, the product will leave behind a beautiful aroma that will remind you of the first sips of your favorite drink in the morning. It's a great exchange, isn't it?

How to get rid of paint odor with coffee

Since coffee will absorb paint molecules that are hardly healthy for human consumption, it is better to use expired beans to combat the unpleasant odor. Or use the grounds from an already brewed drink. Used coffee retains its deodorizing properties in full.

To make an effective odor trap, take several shallow vessels, such as glass jars or metal pallets. Avoid plastic, as it can become saturated with paint odors. Sprinkle a small layer of grit or grains on the bottom of each container. Place the containers evenly around the room and leave them overnight.

The larger the surface area of the coffee, the more effectively it will fight the paint odor. Therefore, choose wide vessels. In the morning, you will notice that they have absorbed all the unpleasant aroma, leaving pleasant coffee notes in the room. Throw away the used coffee and enjoy the renovated room without chemical aromas.

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