Why eggs should not be stored in the refrigerator: how to do it right

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Eggs are not afraid of storage at room temperature

When you bring eggs home from the store or market, you probably put them in the fridge right away. After all, keeping food cold keeps it fit for consumption for longer, so this approach seems quite logical. But in fact, this is not the case when it comes to eggs.

OBOZREVATEL has looked into the matter and explains why this product can be stored in a cool place, not in the cold. And why it is better.

What are the benefits of storing eggs in the refrigerator

There is still one good reason to put the product in the cold. This is to combat the risk of salmonellosis. The fact is that eggs can carry its causative agent, the Salmonella bacterium. And in a warm environment, it will be transmitted from one egg to another. It is in a cold environment that the growth of the pathogen can be stopped, and the product can be made safer.

However, modern technologies for keeping and caring for chickens reduce the risk of Salmonella infection. Therefore, the likelihood of getting sick if you buy factory-produced eggs is quite low. However, eggs from the market may require such storage.

In any case, Salmonella is completely killed by heat treatment. Therefore, well-cooked eggs should not pose a danger at all.

Why you shouldn't put the product in the refrigerator

The main reason why you shouldn't waste refrigerator space on eggs is that they don't spoil at room temperature. Moreover, it is in the cold that the risk of spoilage for the product becomes higher.

Also, cold storage can make the whites and yolks taste sour. This can happen if the eggs are stored at a very low temperature.

At low temperatures, the whipping ability of egg whites decreases. That is why experienced cooks recommend using eggs at room temperature for baking.

You might think that in this case, you can simply take the product out of the refrigerator and put it in the oven to warm up at room temperature for a while, but this can be dangerous. In this case, condensation will form on the shell, which is a favorable environment for bacterial growth. So an egg that you put in the refrigerator to neutralize Salmonella will become more dangerous with this approach.

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