Why do they offer coffee during an interview: a cunning test from employers

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A job interview can be a challenging process for a candidate, as it requires showcasing their strengths and making a good impression on the manager. However, employers may use various clever methods to assess a person beyond just asking questions.

The New York Post has published an intriguing test that can help determine whether a candidate is suitable for a position, and it all revolves around a cup of coffee.

Trent Innes, the former Xero Australia CEO, explained how this method works. During the interview, the candidate is given a tour of the office and kitchen and offered a cup of coffee. Towards the end of the conversation, the candidate can choose to leave the cup in the office or take it to the kitchen and wash it.

According to Trent, this covert trick offers insights into the candidate's character and suitability as an employee.

If the candidate washes the cup and returns it, they pass the test successfully.

"It's just a confirmation that they're going to fit in with the culture within Xero and do what needs to be done. Only 5 to 10 percent failed the test because they didn't return their cups to the kitchen," Trent stated.

Writer Victoria Devine also shared her method of screening candidates.

"If you want to submit your resume, you can find detailed instructions on the website. You need to use the email address provided at the bottom of this announcement, address it to Victoria, and send the email directly with a cover letter," Devine explained.

If candidates apply without following these instructions, it will not even be considered, as it is already evident how they approach tasks.

People who come to apply for a job are often evaluated right from the moment they enter the office. If they show disrespect to the staff, they can't expect to secure the job.

For example, one candidate completely ignored the receptionist, failing to greet her or engage in conversation when spoken to. In reality, the receptionist is a valuable member of the team and also serves as a hiring manager.

Subsequently, she called the candidate back and emphasized that every person on the team is valuable and deserves respect, but he chose to ignore the advice.

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