Why cover ironing board with foil: an ingenious trick

Yulia PoteriankoLife
Foil works as a heat reflector when ironing

Ironing is a very tedious process, and many of us try to avoid it to the last or use interesting life hacks to simplify the task.

One of these life hacks can be the use of ordinary foil. This method is described in How Stuff Works.

It is worth warning you right away that you cannot iron directly on the foil. This can ruin both the item and the iron. You should use this item on an ironing board.

To use this life hack, you need to cut a large enough piece of foil to cover if not the entire board, then at least the main area. Place the foil under the cover, and then use the device as usual.

The principle of this improvement is that the foil reflects heat. This way, the item you are ironing will be exposed to it from both sides at the same time and will be smoothed out faster. After ironing, you can leave the foil in the board cover. However, you should make sure that it does not crumple during use.

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