Why cinnamon is added to water while cleaning floors: an unexpectedly useful method

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People like the smell of cinnamon, but pests don't

Although many innovations have been introduced in recent years to make cleaning easier, there is still no substitute for the old and tried-and-true mopping. It brings benefits from many perspectives: not just removing dirt but also fighting pathogens that can accumulate on the floor, efficient dust collection, and even aromatization.

Regarding the latter, a tip to add a simple spice to water has begun to gain popularity on TikTok. Cinnamon does more than refreshes the atmosphere in the house.

Aromatic properties

Cinnamon is known for its characteristic pleasant aroma, which enriches many dishes and drinks. It is most often added to baked goods, but you can experiment with other recipes as well.

It will also work if you add a teaspoon of ground seasoning to the cleaning water. However, the water must be hot. Then the aromatic substances in the cinnamon will be released and the whole house will smell like fresh buns. To prevent spice particles from sticking to the mop, stir the water properly before cleaning. You can add cinnamon even if you don't just mop the floor with water but drip some soap into it.

Fighting pests

Some fans of natural cleaning products claim that the scent of cinnamon helps to repel bugs and ants. This is partly true. But to drive out uninvited guests who have already settled in your home, you need such a concentration of cinnamon that it will be harmful to humans. Therefore, you should not rely on it in this matter.

But you can use the spice for prevention. After all, it will not make your floor more attractive to ants. But it will leave behind a pleasant aroma for people.

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