Why are Sphynx cats hairless: where does this breed come from

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Why are Sphynx cats hairless

Sphynxes are cats with no visible fur. Their appearance has both admirers and those who do not prefer hairless animals.

Despite the name, this breed has nothing to do with Egypt. OBOZREVATEL analyzed the origin of sphinxes.

It is noteworthy that the skin of sphinxes is not completely hairless, as many people believe; it can be covered with small hairs resembling peach fuzz.

The first representative of the breed was born in the twentieth century in Canada. It happened by accident as a result of a mutation. It aroused the scientific interest of a researcher from Toronto, who studied the hairless gene and helped in breeding such cats.

In 1975, an ordinary cat gave birth to hairless kittens in Minnesota. They ended up in a cattery in Oregon, where they established the main lines of Canadian Sphynxes.

Subsequently, hairless cats were crossed with other breeds. However, in 1985, they acquired the status of a separate breed and became extremely popular. This, it should be noted, has not diminished to this day.

In reality, sphynxes are not completely hairless, but their fur is not visible. It feels like suede. Despite its appearance, the sphinx is a very warm cat.

So far, scientists have not figured out why sphynxes are born without hair. There is a theory that this became possible due to the fixation of a natural mutation on a regular basis.

The name "sphynx" is a collective term for three breeds of hairless cats: the Canadian, Don, and Peterbald, or St. Petersburg Sphynx.

Those who want such a cat should remember the rules: its skin should always be protected from direct sunlight. Also, the Sphynx should not be exposed to cold.

The skin of this breed should always be kept clean to avoid fungal diseases.

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