Whom do store workers hate: what not to say to a salesperson

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The customer isn't always right, especially if they behave impolitely

Politeness, friendliness, and patience are the qualities typically expected of retail workers. On the other hand, customers often follow the adage that the customer is always right. In reality, this isn't entirely true. Etiquette demands respectful behavior from all parties.

Additionally, salespeople have their list of the most intolerable customers who are highly irritating due to their behavior. In some cases, they may even take revenge by selling them expired or inappropriate products. Here's a list of the most annoying behaviors that store employees encounter from customers:

Perpetual dissatisfaction

Perhaps the most unpleasant customers are those who continually complain about something, not holding back their emotions or words. They find fault with the service, the quality of goods, the amount of discounts, the spacing between the shelves, or even the appearance of the sales staff. They frequently threaten to call the manager, believing that the truth is unequivocally on their side.


Sarcasm and ridicule on various occasions are other unsightly and highly unpleasant traits in customers. For instance, salespeople are required to repeat the same phrases to all customers, like offering a bag or specific products, which can affect their tone. Although some discounts may be quite minor, it's not a reason to laugh and make derogatory jokes. Salespeople would also prefer not to repeat the same thing to each person, but they must adhere to the rules. Therefore, everyone should exercise more patience.

Excessive haste

While there are situations where we genuinely need to buy something right before the store's closing time, salespeople are often willing to accommodate customers even in such circumstances. But this isn't always feasible. Such situations should be approached with understanding. It's also essential not to rush the salesperson when they are retrieving or tallying items for you, as this can lead to mistakes, often not in your favor.


Customers don't always pay for all the items they place in their carts. Ultimately, these losses are absorbed by the store. A similar situation can occur when a customer shops with a child in a stroller and starts placing items in it. While it can be challenging to stay organized with a small child, it's important to make an effort. If you do forget something, return and apologize, and pay for the items. Salespeople will appreciate that you considered their concerns.

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