Who will be out of luck in April: the unlucky signs are named

Some signs will have to face difficulties

Despite all our plans, changing times create obstacles. However, difficulties should be perceived as necessary conditions on the way to success. In no case should you despair or doubt your abilities, because after a black streak always comes a white one.

Astrologers said that Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius should be especially cautious. April will be like a roller coaster, especially emotionally.


April will be a month of conflicts. This may sound strange, because you are the sign that always strives for harmony. Under the influence of belligerent Mars, you will feel that you are not ready to put up with injustices and will defend your point of view to the last. You will want to demonstrate independence and ambition at work. It is better to refrain from imposing your opinion on your colleagues. Even if sometimes you think that everything is going too slowly, try not to rush other people. Big money doesn't always come from hard work. Your income will be good, but you will be overwhelmed by all the responsibilities.

Your personal life is also going to be unstable. You will feel angry and irritated even over everyday trifles. You may also experience a short but intense romance that will leave a mark on your heart for a long time.


You're ready for decisive action and new beginnings, especially in your career. But the blind pursuit of money will never satisfy you. You crave fame, recognition, and most importantly, balance. You want to have a reliable rear guard - a partner who will always support you.

At work, you should be careful with your colleagues. Conflicts can have unpredictable consequences. You should be cautious when it comes to current expenses. In addition, you should not make investments or other risky investments. Being completely immersed in work problems, you may not notice that your personal life is in a real black spot. Quarrels and even the end of a relationship are likely. Don't ignore the requests of your partner and children, otherwise the situation will become really threatening.


In April, you will have to rely on outside help. Problems will arise literally every day, and you simply cannot cope alone. It is very important that you politely approach people from whom you need help - by imposing problems on them and placing excessive responsibility on them, you will find enemies rather than allies.

Astrologers advise you to focus on planning for the future and exploring new ways to grow. The first two weeks of April will be difficult. Expenses will increase, and unplanned but urgent purchases will appear. Focusing on work will lead to misunderstandings in relationships.

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