Who will be gifted with love in leap year: three zodiac signs on the list

Love horoscope

A leap year is often considered a period of profound transformation and challenge. However, for some signs, it's a truly life-changing time - they may meet the love of their lives.

Changes will begin in the spring, astrologers promise. The week of the leap year will bring favorable transits of the Sun in conjunction with Mercury, which will fill life with romance, and Jupiter will help create strong harmonious relationships. Three signs will be the most lucky in a leap year


Now everything depends on you. The universe will give you the necessary hints and help, but it's up to you to decide whether or not to start a new relationship. Sometimes you hold back because you realize that you're not quite ready to trust someone again.

Jupiter's positive energy will promote development and change. You feel it's time to take an important step. Even if you're not overly concerned with love or romance at this time, you may be surprised to find that your drive for success makes others find you attractive and desirable.


Winter was a period of stagnation in your business. And now you can't help but feel as if the universe is encouraging you to move and change. This could be something very good in your personal life, such as an engagement. Maybe all you need is a tiny push or the right word.

Spring will bring a new beginning. You will see the darkness and coldness begin to recede from your heart, and you will feel the ability to love and experience romance. Lonely Leos can meet the love of their lives in a very unexpected situation.


This period will be life-changing. You will finally be able to break free from melancholy or depression. Slowly but surely, you will begin to believe that everything will be fine. Spring will make you feel optimistic.

It is worth spending time with friends and going to various parties and events more often. There is a chance to meet someone who will become your soul mate. Astrologers say that now all roads lead to happiness.

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