Who should enter the elevator first: etiquette rules

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Etiquette rules

Every high-rise building has elevators, which significantly ease the lives of residents. However, not everyone knows how to behave properly when using them.

Proper behavior demonstrates good manners and can prevent uncomfortable situations. OBOZREVATEL has taken a closer look at the issue and will guide you on how to handle it.

Frequently, there are situations where many residents are waiting for an elevator, and not everyone is sure who should enter first. According to etiquette rules, a man should always let a woman pass, and this rule also applies in the case of an elevator.

However, when many people are waiting, the one closest to the door should enter and exit first to avoid pushing and shoving.

The person who needs to get off but is standing farther from the door should politely ask to switch places to make it easier to reach the exit.

Everyone should press the floor buttons independently, but if you have difficulty, you can politely ask someone else to assist. Smoking, speaking loudly on the phone, or staring at other passengers in the elevator is considered impolite.

You shouldn't intentionally turn your back to someone, but if it's crowded, you can stand in a single file. The shorter the distance you need to travel, the closer you should stand to the doors.

If there are already other people in the elevator, it's not necessary to greet everyone.

There are also situations where the freight elevator is out of service, and a person needs to transport their belongings. In such cases, you can use the passenger elevator, but it's best to transport your items when the elevator is empty. If there are people inside, it's courteous to wait for the next elevator.

Use the elevator with children with extreme caution. Parents should familiarize their child with the rules of behavior in elevators. Preschool children should not ride the elevator unaccompanied, as the weight sensors in the elevator might not detect their small weight, usually under 40 kg.

Children might not be able to reach the buttons, and they could be caught if the doors close.

Parents should enter and exit the elevator first, followed by their children. If you wish to transport an infant in a stroller, pick up the baby, enter the elevator, and then quickly move the stroller inside. When leaving, do the opposite: first take out the stroller, and then exit with the child.

It is strictly prohibited to take a child in a stroller into or out of the elevator, as the doors could close and trap the child.

If you have pets, you should also follow the rules to ensure a comfortable trip for both passengers and animals:

  • Small cats and dogs must be carried;
  • Large and aggressive dogs should wear muzzles;
  • The owner should enter the cabin with the animal, but the person should be the first to exit;
  • During the trip, the animal must be held on a leash or collar;
  • Large animals may be transported in the elevator only with the permission of other passengers;
  • Do not enter a crowded elevator with your pet.

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