Who is the real jackpot: horoscope for all signs for the week


A new moon awaits us at the end of this week. It's a time to plan new things and say goodbye to things that no longer work. Those who make it through this task will have real luck waiting for them.

But according to astrologers, some signs will have the best luck of all. Find out what the stars predict for this week.


You need to stop hovering in the clouds and be here and now. Embrace the beauty and sophistication of the present moment. Enjoy the joys that life lavishes on you. You will feel more in tune with your intuition than ever before. Trust your inner compass and where it leads you. A real jackpot awaits you soon enough.


You need to show gratitude to fate. For everything - the good, the bad, and the ugly with the terrible. Everything that happens to you has a reason. Focus on learning these lessons. Think of it as updating your system. Don't complain that something isn't working out. Think more about what succeeds, and the goodwill begins to multiply. Don't let bad thoughts take over your mind.


You'll have to ask yourself uncomfortable questions. And create space for the sometimes uncomfortable answers you will give yourself. The truth is not often easy to deal with. But you owe it to yourself to see your life for what it is, not how you imagine it to be. Remove false idols from your pedestal, and get rid of bad ideals. There shouldn't be people around you who oppress or devalue you.


Everything that happens to you now, happens exactly as planned by fate - not earlier, not later, not better, not worse. All you have to do is let go of your false sense of control and trust the flow. If you feel like you've been wronged by something, trust that the scales of justice will tip in your favor. Make sure you don't think like a victim. It helps to see things as they are, not through the distorted lenses of your past experiences.


You say and do everything right. Don't listen to subservient words and don't deal with people who talk a lot and then do nothing. Confidently say "no" to anything that doesn't resonate with your soul. Make a deep and meaningful connection with yourself and your desires. And the universe will lean in your favor.


If you've been wanting to take a trip, make sure it's not just a trip for work or a vacation. It should be a trip that brings you closer to your deepest self, and you can noticeably change your life. It's a good idea to take a loved one with you; it will make you more intimate with each other and strengthen your relationship. This week, choose for yourself only those decisions that will help you move in the direction of growth.


Life is as messy as it is beautiful, and life gives us what we need, not always what we want. So, take life as it comes. This week you may find yourself in a conflict situation that will be very unpleasant for you as a peace-loving person. Do yourself a favor and accept the fact that not everyone always agrees with you and that you may not immediately find the solution you are looking for. Your growth lies in walking the path of non-objection and strengthening your personal boundaries.


Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and take some risks. A safe life won't do you any favors right now. Be brave and go where your heart leads you. It's time for you to take new paths. Your intuition knows what's best for you, so listen to it. If you heal a broken heart, know that it will heal. In the meantime, focus on the joys you already have. Take more time to do the things that bring the sparkle back to your eyes.


You shouldn't be the person others want you to be - don't try to become comfortable with everyone. Perhaps your flamboyant temperament is your gift to the world. Your inner freedom to be yourself can be a great inspiration to others. Your passion for travel may be awakened in you this week. Reflect on where your heart is calling you. It's a place where you may not just have an experience, but where you may meet your true self.


This week you may feel like you've been plucked from your deepest meditative slumber. It's important for you to remember that the universe is not punishing you in this way. It's her way of calling your attention to outdated beliefs about yourself, the world, and relationships that you've been holding onto for nothing. They were draining your resources instead of giving you new strength. In any situation, choose yourself first. Guilt and shame should not depress you.


This week is the best time to bridge the gap between who you really are and who you've been told to be. If you are called a rebel and a person who is hard to control, then you are on the right track. You are to be considered, not you to fit in with everyone else. The New Moon will bring you people who are a true part of your pack. Unite and call for the change you so desperately need in your life.


The more you reject judgment and self-criticism, the more joy, love, tenderness, and compassion you will receive. Welcome the real you and receive a flood of wonderful emotions for doing so. You attract miracles to yourself when you acknowledge the magic of your nature. This week should be a time of abundance and prosperity for you, but it's not just about enjoying the fruits of your past labor. It's also about sharing them with those who support you and strengthening the bonds that make you feel safe in the midst of a large and turbulent world.

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