Which zodiac signs are the smartest: top 5

Rating of the smartest zodiac signs

Astrologers have compiled a rating of the smartest signs who love to learn and discover something new. These people are well-educated and usually spend a lot of time reading books. They need new ideas to implement important plans, so they never stop looking for information.

According to astrologers, this is a rather conditional rating and should not be taken too literally. The list includes practical, rational, and persistent zodiac signs who always set new goals and do their best to achieve them.

5. Capricorn

Capricorns will always find a way out of difficult situations. "Capricorns' strategic minds and ability to solve complex problems make them top-level nerds," said Betty Andrews, a life coach, astrologer, and psychic at Fresh Start Registry.

"They are smart, practical, and persistent people who always get things done on time. They are real workaholics and like to keep things in order.

4. Libra

Libras need stability and harmony to be happy. "This sign likes to follow the rules," says Stina Garbis, an astrologer at Psychic Stina.

"At school, Libras are usually teachers' favorites. They are persistent, diligent, hardworking, and enterprising. They don't need to make any effort to learn new knowledge - Libras just love to learn. As a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, it's no surprise that they appreciate all forms of art.

3. Aquarius

Rebellious Aquarians do things their own way. They are always ready to take on new challenges.

"Aquarians love to explore new technologies, programming languages, and futuristic concepts," said Andrews. "They are incredibly tech-savvy and always looking for innovative ways to solve problems. Aquarians love to discuss the latest advances in science and set up experiments.

2. Virgo

Virgos are perfectionists, and this is a driving factor that contributes to their all-round development. Their love of order and attention to detail makes them ideal scientists.

Virgos are incredibly intelligent. They can talk for a long time about their favorite topics, and it will be difficult to make them stop talking. However, these earth signs take pride in their erudition, so don't be surprised if their bookshelves are organized alphabetically or if they can solve a Rubik's Cube faster than anyone else.

1. Gemini

Gemini loves to learn and experience something new. Since childhood, representatives of this sign are wise beyond their years. This, as well as their ability to always keep a conversation going, makes them the smartest sign in the zodiac.

Geminis can be so immersed in science that they sometimes lose touch with the world around them. Their innate curiosity drives them to explore a range of topics, and they will never miss an opportunity to talk about what they know.

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