Which zodiac signs are the most jealous: relationships with them will be difficult

Which signs are not prone to jealousy and which were born jealous

For some people, jealousy is a relationship killer, while for others it is a sign of true love. The key to understanding how a person sees jealousy may be their zodiac sign.

Astrologers have ranked all the signs according to their tendency to jealousy and envy, from the least jealous to the most prone to this controversial feeling. Find out where your sign is in this ranking.


People born under this sign trust numbers and facts over emotions. For them, jealousy is a waste of time. Aquarians value a sense of community and are happy to support people close to them. They are also too busy creating opportunities for themselves to worry about someone else's behavior. However, even Aquarians can be jealous or envious.


Instead of causing envy, someone else's success usually inspires Sagittarius to achieve their own goals. This is undoubtedly the positive side of their ambition. And it explains what others call Sagittarius' inherent luck. Some jealousy born under this sign can be demonstrated when someone starts copying their style or technique too blatantly. Although they often take it as a compliment.


Pisces are too absorbed in their world to find time for jealousy. In situations where there is at least a hint of jealousy or rivalry, the sign's representative immediately begins to look for a way out. They don't like these emotions. In relationships, they are very easy-going people. You'll never hear a Pisces reproach you for flirting with the bartender or helping your ex. Instead, they will join the conversation or lend a helping hand.


The fickle nature of Gemini will make anyone jealous. The representatives of the sign themselves have no time to suffer from this feeling – they are too busy socializing in all their social groups. In addition, they always listen to rational arguments, so they can be convinced that there are no grounds for jealousy.


Virgos are naturally more critical than jealous. They will condemn for imperfections. Including themselves. Those born under this sign strive for order, and jealousy is too unattractive an irrational emotion for them that simply does not fit into their efficient worldview.


Those born under the sign of Aries simply have too high an opinion of themselves to be jealous of anything else. Their unwavering belief in themselves leaves no room for jealousy. Although they can be possessive in relationships, this rarely translates into outright reproaches. They are too busy being themselves to think about the successes or behavior of others.


Libras tend to be jealous only in romantic relationships. And then if they meet a couple who seems more in love, happy, or perfect. Then they can fall into comparison and become jealous, even if they are head over heels in love with their partner. Fortunately, they are quick to deal with such emotional outbursts.


Taurus loves to enjoy the finer things in life, but not every sign can afford the luxury. Hence the envy and jealousy. To take revenge on the object of their envy, representatives of this sign may even resort to outright moralizing. Don't try to take away what belongs to Taurus. It's better to back off.


Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, the planet of jealousy. They can react sharply to certain behaviors of their partner and envy someone else's lifestyle – a better job, or expensive housing. However, Taurus can be distracted from this if you direct their attention to all the good things they have and have achieved.


For Cancer, emotional security is paramount. Representatives of this sign can quickly lose their balance if they feel disloyal or emotionally distanced from a loved one. Even if their partner turns to someone on the outside for support or advice, Cancer may take it as a sign of distrust. In addition, representatives of this sign remember such insults for a very long time and do not hesitate to prick their partner for their past mistakes. Don't be annoyed, keep in mind that at such moments Cancer is in pain and needs sympathy.


Those born under this sign require attention and endless admiration. However, their self-confidence is more external than internal. They feel a great need for recognition, and strive to feel the most special, the most loved on earth. Anything that challenges this grandiose self-perception - whether it's success, beauty, or the talents of others – can be a source of great jealousy for Leo. And he will start doing more to deserve what he wants. Therefore, representatives of this sign should be praised often to avoid burnout.


Scorpio's jealousy is caused by the desire to be close to loved ones. However, those born under this sign tend to hide their strong emotions under external mystery. They form strong bonds and strive for absolute intimacy. As soon as someone breaks out of their vicious circle of trust, this person is faced with a huge wave of hot jealousy. It is almost impossible to do anything about Scorpio's suspicion. You can only accept it.

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