Which indoor flowers grow for decades: the most beautiful variants

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These plants do not require complex care and at the same time live long and thrive

Unlike traditional gardening, where planting work has to be done every season, indoor potted plants can be very easy to grow if you choose long-lived species for your windowsill garden. In fact, most of the greenery that we grow at home for beauty can be pleasing to the eye for decades if properly cared for. But some plants do not need regular rejuvenation, because by nature their life cycle is very long.

OBOZ.UA asked florists for their advice to those who want to have a long-lasting collection of home flowers. Here are the species they recommend in particular.


If you want to grow a real tree on your windowsill, croton is a great choice. These plants need bright, diffused light, but they are less picky about watering. They can signal that it is time to add water by dropping their leaves. Different types of crotona need fertile, well-drained soil that effectively retains moisture. In such conditions, the plant will grow steadily and can grow into a fairly large tree.


This is also a kind of tree, but it is succulent and therefore extremely resilient. You don't need to water the beauty tree heavily. This can only harm it. And vice versa - if you water the plant once a month, it will survive well. It is better to provide diffused light to the beauty. And don't forget to remove damaged branches so that the plant looks spectacular for longer.

Epiphyllum sharp-petaled

Another succulent species on the list, which means that caring for it will be as simple as possible. At the same time, this cactus, which, by the way, has no thorns, regularly blooms with unusually beautiful lush flowers. Flowering begins in the evening and lasts for one night, but it can occur throughout the year. Provide the epiphyllum with plenty of light and try not to overwater it - it will still take a significant part of the necessary moisture from the air, because it is an epiphyte. It needs poor and sandy soil, a mixture for cacti is ideal.


This is also an unusual long-lived cactus. Schlumbergera is adored because its flowering season is in winter. For this, it is even nicknamed the Christmas cactus. It likes moderate lighting and not too much watering. It is best to keep it in a hanging pot so that the branches of the plant can hang freely and the flowers can be seen from all sides during the flowering season.


Despite the fact that this plant is not a succulent, it has thick roots that skillfully store water and nutrients, so it lives long and thrives even with owners who sometimes forget to take care of their garden. Chlorophytum needs a fairly bright diffused light and then it will turn into a lush bush of long and narrow leaves. From time to time, a mustache with a young plant at the end will grow from this bush. If you cut it off and plant it in the ground, you can get a new bush. Or you can leave it on the parent plant - it will also look impressive.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA talked about plants that can be easily propagated by leaves.

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