Which indoor flowers are best suited for hanging pots: will make your home brighter

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Chlorophytum and philodendron not only look great on a hanging but also do not cause any trouble with care

Plants in hanging pots are not only an unusual accent in the interior, but also an opportunity to start an indoor garden even in a limited space. Technically, any plant can be placed in this way, but the best look will be the species that hang beautifully from the pot.

OBOZ.UA has compiled a selection of plants that are best grown hanging. Here you will find options for any conditions of detention and level of skill.


A well-groomed chlorophytum grows in a loose bush and also produces a "mustache" of young plants. Of all the species for hanging pots, it is the easiest to care for. It needs light shade and tolerates missed watering.

English ivy

The plant tolerates shade and high humidity. However, excessive watering can be detrimental to it, so you should always wait until the soil in the pot dries out before watering the ivy. It will thank you for this with a rich foliage mass, which can be either grown with vines hanging down or braided upwards along a support.

Senecio rowleyanus

Imagine a living green necklace that can grow out of a pot in long, long strands. That's exactly what Senecio rowleyanus looks like. It's a succulent, so it's not picky about watering. On the contrary, it likes dry soil and dry air. It is also better to grow it in a suspended form because it can be toxic to animals and small children.

Peperomia angulata

The green leaves with veins of this miniature bush can hang from the pot in strands up to half a meter long. At the same time, peperomia is distinguished by its rather fleshy and bright greenery. It does not need much watering. But it is better not to keep it in the shade.

Ceropegia woodii

The main feature of this climbing plant is its variegated silver-green heart-shaped leaves located on pink stems. Ceropegia is a fairly drought-resistant species that is well suited for compact spaces.

Sedum morganianum

For its specific appearance, the plant was given the metaphorical name "donkey tail". Its shoots look like chains assembled from fleshy cone-shaped fragments. It is also a succulent. Give the stonecrop plenty of light, but don't worry about regular watering - excessive water can severely damage it.


Different species of this easy-to-care for climbing plant have different colors. It can be green striped and shiny, or purple and fluffy. Tradescantia like a lot of diffused light and need regular watering. But with good care, they grow very quickly.


This vine has leaves of various shapes, depending on the subspecies, and is very unpretentious to the conditions of its keeping. It can grow up to several meters in length quite quickly and entire compositions can be twisted from its stem. However, the philodendron is also easy to prune. It quickly releases a new bud and continues to grow.


Fern bushes look incredibly impressive in a hanging pot when they can spread their leaves in all directions. You can choose from massive nephrolepis and compact openwork adiantum. They do not like drought, but they grow well in the shade. Ferns need to be removed from time to time, and they also like to be sprayed.

Hoya linearis

From the name of the plant itself, it is clear that its shoots look like straight, dash-like branches. They grow very long - with good care, they can reach several meters. Good care for hoyas is moderate lighting and generous watering. For this, she will thank you with beautiful and fragrant flowers.

Dischidia nummularia

If the Senecio rowleyanus looks like a necklace, then the dyschidia looks more like a string of coins. Its fleshy leaves have a characteristic rounded shape. In the natural environment, it exists as an epiphyte - it clings to other plants and climbs them. Therefore, it takes most of its nutrition from the air, and therefore does not require much care. It is best to plant the dyschidia in an orchid substrate, not to be too zealous with watering, but to spray it from time to time.

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