Which hand to wear a watch on: rules of etiquette

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Which hand to wear the watch on

There is a so-called "watch etiquette" in the world that determines which hand an accessory should be worn on. Today, watches are used not only for their intended purpose but also to show their status.

Usually, the choice of the hand for a watch is not associated with gender, but with certain conditions: it is customary to wear the accessory on the left hand as 85% of the population is right-handed. OBOZREVATEL learned about the rules of watch etiquette.

Why watches are usually worn on a left hand

If you are right-handed, it is inconvenient to load your working hand with unnecessary accessories. In addition, it is more convenient to fasten watch straps with your right hand on your left. The same explanation applies to the need to wind a mechanical watch. In classic models, the movement is built-in on the right side.

Which hand men should wear a watch on

Despite the general rule about the left hand, some men prefer to wear their watches on the right one. There is a logic to this, especially if the accessory is expensive as it will definitely be noticed during a handshake.

There are also some important rules of etiquette:

  • watches should not be worn over the cuff of a shirt;
  • a finger should be able to easily pass between the wrist and the strap, so do not wear the accessory too tightly;
  • the buckle can be matched to the color of the shoes, and the cufflinks to the color of the watch;
  • the classic model has a diameter of 34-50 mm

Etiquette for women

Women can wear a watch on either hand. You can even choose bracelet watches for both.

If a woman adheres to a formal business style, the watch should be worn on the left hand.

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