These flowers are not only beautiful but also edible: what to plant in spring

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From apple blossom to lavender, there are many flowers used in cooking

When we plant vegetables in the spring, we often ignore the culinary value of such a part of the plant as flowers. Meanwhile, they are becoming increasingly popular as they not only add new flavors to dishes but also decorate the plate.

Grow How has compiled a list of plants the flowers of which will be a good addition to your recipes. It also tells us how to use them properly.

How to eat flowers

First of all, you need to make sure the flowers are clean. Therefore, you should not pick those that grow near busy roads, construction sites, or other areas with a lot of exhaust fumes and dust. No matter how much you wash them, harmful impurities will still remain.

Before you put a flower on a plate, you need to not only wash it but also disassemble it properly. Everything but the petals will have to be thrown away. Stamens, pistils, and sepals can give dishes an undesirable bitter taste.

The flower is not a full-fledged product but a seasoning, so you should not use it as greens for salads. Excessive amounts of flowers can cause digestive disorders and other problems.

What flowers complement dishes well

Lavender is a flower famous for its aroma that goes well with both sweet and savory dishes. It gives food a spicy flavor and, depending on the variety, a slight bitterness.

Medicinal chamomile. These healing flowers have a mild flavor with light apple notes. It is also a versatile seasoning for various types of dishes.

Apple blossom. The flowers of the fruit tree have a slightly sour taste with fruity notes. They are best suited for desserts and set off the sweet taste.

Fennel is an aromatic plant suitable for soups, salads, and vegetable dishes. Fennel flowers have a taste similar to that of its greens but with a slight hint of licorice.

Borage is a popular honey plant with a fresh cucumber flavor. That's why they are a good complement to all dishes that use this vegetable, such as salads, soups, or smoothies.

Thyme. This aromatic herb also sets off the taste of dishes with its flowers. But it is their petals that also add lemon notes. They are used in the same dishes as herbs, and they can also be used to flavor oil.

Pansies. The bright petals of these flowers can be used to complement the flavor of desserts or used as a decoration on plates. The color of the pansies also affects the flavor of the flowers, but they are mostly spicy and fresh.

Zucchini flowers. These large flowers can be cooked as an independent dish because they are very tasty when fried. They are also a great addition to salads.

Nasturtium. The petals of a bright garden flower can replace arugula in dishes because their pungent flavor is very similar to the popular herb. They are also a great addition to omelets.

Marigolds. Fluffy flowers have a pronounced spicy smell with peppery notes, and they convey it in their taste. The petals of this flower can be used as a flavorful seasoning and added to sauces.

Tea rose is probably the most popular culinary flower in our region. The petals, ground with sugar, are well preserved in winter and are best used in desserts. Rose petals are used to fill donuts, make homemade ice cream, and even eaten as a bite with tea like jam.

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