Which dogs are the most demanding: it's difficult for them to adapt to the owner

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Gaining trust from giants like Huskies, Alabai, or Chow Chow can be quite challenging

Among all dog breeds, it is large animals that often find it most challenging to adapt to a change of owner. Gaining their respect is not easy, and they require a significant amount of time to get accustomed to their human, especially during their formative years. In adulthood, changing owners can be particularly difficult for these breeds.

OBOZREVATEL discusses the breeds that struggle the most with such changes, requiring a special approach to building a relationship with them.


These lively dogs may seem extroverted and easy to communicate with, especially with people outside their inner circle. However, Huskies require close contact with humans, and developing new relationships in adulthood can be very challenging for this breed. They might even run away from home.

Alabai and Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Asian shepherd dogs share a common trait of being very wayward. From an early age, they display their temperament to their owners and will only respect those who are patient enough to handle it. If such an animal has to adapt to a new owner, seeking the help of an experienced dog handler who knows how to interact with an Alabai or Caucasian Shepherd Dog is advisable.

Chow Chow

Despite their good-natured appearance, Chow Chows can be deceptive. Resembling bears, they exhibit bear-like stubbornness and a challenging personality. They may ignore people they haven't had the chance to love or at least develop respect for.

Rottweiler and Pit Bull Terrier

These dogs are highly intelligent and remember past experiences, making it challenging for them to forgive and forget easily. A new owner might bear the blame for the mistakes of the previous one. Be prepared to earn the trust of these strong and loyal animals from scratch.

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