Which digits on license plates can be considered unlucky: what drivers believe

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Drivers have superstitions about numbers on license plates

Drivers adhere to their signs and taboos. For instance, it is believed that if you plan to sell your car, expressing that intention out loud in the vehicle might lead to breakdowns. Moreover, discussing the expected time of arrival is considered inauspicious, as it is believed to invite bad luck.

Numerous beliefs are associated with car license plates, with followers of the "lucky number theory" holding particular convictions about which numbers should be avoided on license plates. Explore more about numerological superstitions in the OBOZREVATEL article.

Certain drivers are convinced that the numbers on car license plates can carry both negative and positive meanings. According to these beliefs, some numbers are believed to bring misfortune and negative energy, making it preferable to avoid them on license plates.

"Unlucky" Numbers

Superstitious individuals and those who believe in numerology suggest that the following numbers on license plates carry particularly negative meanings:

  • 6
  • 9
  • 13

It is widely believed that these numbers, especially when combined, may lead to persistent difficulties, breakdowns, and even accidents on the road.

Numerologists often associate the number six with malevolent forces, contending that it carries the energy of trouble and destruction.

The number nine doesn't universally have a negative interpretation. Some view it as a number of goodness, happiness, and prosperity, while others emphasize its connection to the inverted six, symbolizing the devil.

Thirteen is often referred to as the "devil's dozen" and is associated with difficulties, destruction, and problems.

"Lucky" Numbers

There is a belief among drivers that certain numbers bring good luck on license plates. Examples include 5, 7, and 8.

"Five" is often interpreted as a number of happiness. "Seven" also holds positive significance in many cultures and traditions. The number eight is seen as a symbol of infinity and victory.

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