Which cucumbers are not bitter: the five best varieties

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Top tastiest cucumber varieties

Depending on the region and weather conditions, cucumbers are planted in the open ground in late April and early May. Many factors affect the development of the plant, so cucumbers can stop growing if the temperature is too wet or too cold.

To grow a healthy and bountiful harvest of cucumbers, it is important to choose the right variety, as some varieties have a watery texture and a bitter taste. OBOZREVATEL has selected the top 5 types of cucumbers with good taste.


The early-ripening Rhodes variety is highly yielding and relatively resistant to disease. Cucumbers can be grown in greenhouses or beds. The fruits are juicy, rich, and not bitter. The average length of a Rhodes is 10-12 cm.


Experienced gardeners are very fond of this species because of its insensitivity to diseases and resistance to pests. 'Suzanne' has a juicy, pleasant taste and is not bitter at all. The fruits are cylindrical, 12-15 cm long and 3-4 cm in diameter.

Lapis lazuli

"Lazurit is an early variety of gherkin-type cucumbers. It usually gives a rich harvest. The fruits are small, on average 8-10 cm. The pulp is sweetish, crispy, without bitterness. Lapis lazuli is unpretentious in cultivation; it can be planted in open ground and in greenhouses.


Housewives consider this variety ideal for preservation. Cucumbers grow to medium length (10-12 cm), are not bitter, and very juicy.


Another variety of gherkin-type cucumbers that has a thin green skin and a crispy, rich structure. In general, it is an unpretentious species that is resistant to diseases and pests.

By the way, a very effective yeast fertilizer can be prepared for cucumbers. If you don't take "rescue measures" in time, instead of tasty and rich fruits, you can get cucumbers with a watery consistency and an unpleasant bitter taste. Experts recommend feeding cucumbers with a special tincture that will instantly accelerate growth.

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