Which coins and banknotes in your wallet attract poverty: folk omens

The energy of cash can either promote wealth or deter it

Money attracts money, according to popular belief. This also applies to what kind of money you carry in your wallet. Certain coins and banknotes, according to signs, can increase wealth, and some, on the contrary, can provoke poverty.

OBOZREVATEL learned more about superstitions related to cash and tells you what you should put in your wallet to keep money there, and why it has no place there at all.

What banknotes should not be put in your wallet

Found ones: You never know what kind of energy you are picking up from the ground. There is a whole list of rituals in which, to get rid of negativity, you need to transfer it to money and then throw it on the ground. The one who picks it up will take all the troubles away. Therefore, to protect yourself from the influence of such a bill, you need to keep what you find separately from your own money. This way, they will be protected from unwanted influence.

Won money: Many life stories show that winning a lottery or otherwise rarely brings happiness to a person. Money that comes so easily usually does not bring anything good with it. That's why you shouldn't keep it with your earnings.

Damaged banknotes: Torn or dirty banknotes are associated with poverty and decline. It is better to spend or exchange them as soon as possible and, of course, do not keep them together with the whole ones.

What coins scare away wealth

Bent coins: Coins are a powerful tool for performing various rituals. During such actions, they are often damaged, for example, bent. In this case, the object takes on bad energy. Therefore, you should get rid of a bent coin that you got by accident as soon as possible.

Coins that have changed color: The metal used to make coins should not corrode easily. If it has changed color - darkened or otherwise - there is a reason to suspect that such money may have a curse, lesson, or some other negative energy associated with it. They should not be kept together with "clean" coins.

Coins that are out of circulation: Money that no longer functions because it has lost its power will not allow other money to work. Therefore, it is better to store such coins separately as a souvenir or historical artifact or to return them to the bank while they are still being exchanged.

Coins that attract wealth

Scratched coins: Coins with damaged edges, unlike blackened or bent ones, are considered a symbol of good luck. They should be kept with other metal money and not spent. The object should work as a financial talisman.

Coins with holes: Coins with holes are considered a sign of great luck, especially in Asian culture, where such talismans are even specially made. It is especially beneficial if you have several of these coins. It is best to tie them together with a red thread, which will enhance their effect, and carry them in your wallet all the time.

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