Which cats are the best at loving: breeds and photos

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Thai cat, Sphynx and mongrel cat

Four-legged pets are real family members who are truly genuinely attached to their owners. Of course, certain breeds of cats can be independent, willful and not too affectionate. Siamese cats, for example, are very jealous, and Bengal cats do not like to sit on the arms and adopted a lot from their wild ancestors.

Experts say that some breeds show more tenderness and love to their owners. Much depends on the nature of the particular animal - some will constantly move around underfoot and demand attention, while others lead a more independent lifestyle and prefer not to be touched unnecessarily. What cats are the most affectionate - read in the article OBOZREVATEL.


Sphinxes are very tame, affectionate and kind cats. They are notable for their intelligence and obedience. Sphinxes love to follow their owners around the apartment and get very upset when they are left alone for a long time. They like to sit in the arms and sleep in bed with their owners.


Thai Cat

This breed usually chooses one person in the family, whom they consider to be a real master and with whom they prefer to spend more time. And it's not about who feeds or takes care of the cat. They simply intuitively choose the person with whom they feel the most connection. They are docile, calm and affectionate cats who like to purr while sitting on their owner's lap. They are willing to show affection and love around the clock.


A Mixed Breed Cat

Mixed breed cats are indeed considered the kindest, most affectionate, and most loyal. They are usually tame, less demanding, calm and balanced. They are unpretentious about food and are obedient and intelligent.


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