Which cats are most attached to their owners: the five most affectionate breeds

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Siamese, Maine Coon, and Scottish Folds will adore you with all their hearts

Over the millennia of coexistence with humans, cats have managed to develop a profound love for us and form strong bonds, even though they cherish their independence above all else. However, some breeds exhibit a greater inclination towards affection. They not only enjoy physical contact but are also happy to "respond" with vocalizations to their humans' words, forming an extraordinary attachment to their owners.

The OVRS veterinary blog has identified five such breeds. If you desire a furry friend who not only loves you but also actively expresses affection, consider taking a closer look at them.


These calm and balanced creatures emit a sense of comfort and peace. They willingly lie on the couch with you and become happier the more time you spend with them at home. Persian cats will attentively observe you throughout the day and won't miss an opportunity to come up and caress you, especially when no one is around to witness the emotions this proud beauty is capable of.

Scottish Fold

Thanks to their calm disposition and adaptability, these cats effortlessly get along with all family members and other animals. Unfazed by children's noise or dog barking, they thrive in a home with various creatures. Unlike most cat breeds, Scottish Folds dislike spending time alone. Expect your cat to seek you out for cuddles and to request petting frequently.

Maine Coon

This giant is a reliable and faithful companion to the people it loves. Yes, having a dozen kilograms of rugged beauty on your lap, purring loudly, can be physically challenging. Yet, appreciate the honor of being a favorite mom or dad to such a creature. Maine Coons love sleeping with their people, and their amusing antics are sure to lift your spirits.

Siamese Cat

Looking into the sky-blue eyes of a Siamese, one can sense pure love. Despite their desire for independence, this breed takes a keen interest in their owners' affairs. Regardless of your activities, the blue-eyed beauty will be there for you. Siamese cats also enjoy approaching people, gently stroking them with their paws. They love physical contact with humans and seldom mind hugs—they are incredibly affectionate.


Ragdolls have a charming habit of meeting and loudly greeting people right at the front door. They genuinely miss you when you're away from home and get along well with other animals and children. Remember to provide a vantage point for your furry friend to spy on you with a loving gaze. And don't forget to carry the Ragdoll in your arms—this breed was specially bred for this type of contact, and these cats simply adore it.

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