Which canister is best for storing gasoline: tips for drivers

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Gasoline storage tanks

Another hard winter is ahead, and the war has taught us to be prudent. Motorists and others are stocking up on gasoline, taking into account both the rise in prices and possible power outages.

Experts told us about the standard shelf life of gasoline in cans. However, to do this, you should first choose the right container. OBOZ.UA figured out in which canister it is better to store gasoline and what its shelf life is.

How long can gasoline be stored

Storing gasoline in a can is a practical idea, given that the shelf life is quite long.

Experts say that high-quality gasoline is guaranteed to be stored for 6 months. In general, the term is no more than one year.

There is also a special gasoline with a shelf life of 5 years, which is used for the emergency needs of the Armed Forces. This fuel is not available on the market.

Which canister to choose

The basic rule for transferring gasoline into cans is to prepare them beforehand. The canister must be clean and dry. Before pouring fuel into the container, make sure that there is no excess moisture inside.

Of course, gasoline can be stored in plastic bottles, but not for long. When fuel is transferred into plastic cans, the shelf life can be reduced to a maximum of 3-6 months.

An important caveat: the canister must be designed specifically for petroleum products - such containers are made of special plastic.

But the best method of storing gasoline is to buy high-quality metal cans. They should be tightly closed. Metal cans are durable and reliable, and they are not exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

At what temperature to store gasoline

Experts say that gasoline will be stored for the longest time at temperatures between +15 and +20 °C.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you about 5 life hacks that will help you recognize high-quality gasoline.

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