Where you can and cannot kiss in public: etiquette rules

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Where it's acceptable to kiss according to etiquette rules

Often in public places, you can encounter people in love who display their emotions too vividly. A kiss is an intimate moment, regardless of mentality or cultural characteristics.

Etiquette rules regulate certain restrictions on kissing in various places. Yuliia Savchuk, the author of training programs on modern etiquette and elegance, has shared where you can and cannot kiss in public.

According to her, there are no restrictions on greeting and friendly kisses on the cheek. In some countries, such as France, this is a common way of greeting.

However, you shouldn't show your emotions too passionately in public, as it is considered a sign of bad manners. For example, members of the British royal family always behave with restraint and nobility in public.

The expert recommends that lovers should kiss where strangers will not unwittingly witness their intimate moments. It's advisable not to display intense emotions on beaches, in restaurants and cafes, in shopping centers, in cinemas, in queues, at bus stops, and in public transport.

Friendly congratulatory kisses are generally allowed in an informal setting, but you should remember the rule: you should lightly touch cheeks and conditionally kiss the air.

The main thing is not to make others feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Business etiquette generally does not involve kissing when greeting. At official events, greetings are limited to a handshake or verbal greeting.

According to the rules of etiquette, you can kiss a woman's hand in certain cases. Such a gesture of attention will be appropriate in social situations. You can kiss the hand of a married lady.

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