Where to store potatoes to prolong their shelf life

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British experts have reconsidered their opinion on storing potatoes in the refrigerator

Potatoes are one of the most versatile ingredients in cooking. However, it's hard to keep them at home because they quickly become soft, shrivel, turn green, and start to sprout. Therefore, even a small amount of this vegetable may not last until it is on the table.

Express decided to ask experts how potatoes can be stored at home without losing their properties. They found out the main life hack.

It turns out that it is still better to store potatoes at home in the refrigerator in a vegetable tray. This way, they will remain in a suitable state for consumption for about three times longer than at room temperature. A study conducted by the British Food Standards Agency (FSA) found that such storage can significantly reduce food waste. This is what made the agency revise its standards. Previously, it did not recommend putting potatoes in the refrigerator.

It was believed that storage in cold conditions could lead to the formation of a dangerous compound called acrylamide in potatoes during cooking. However, these fears have been proven to be unfounded. Instead, vitamin C, which this vegetable contains, is better preserved in the cold.

Experts also advise storing potatoes, even if you don't put them in the refrigerator, in linen or paper bags rather than in plastic ones. They allow air to pass through and prevent moisture from accumulating on the potatoes, which spoils them.

Another key condition is storing in the dark. When exposed to light, potatoes can begin to produce chlorophyll and turn an undesirable green color. And the green vegetable contains a high concentration of solanine, a toxic compound that can be harmful if you eat too much of it. To get rid of this substance, it is enough to cut off the green parts of the potato, but this increases the amount of food waste again.

The experts also gave examples of undesirable neighborhoods when storing potatoes. If you put it next to onions or tomatoes, it will sprout faster.

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