Where to put the "Christmas Star" to bloom longer: rules for caring for poinsettia

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The poinsettia can be sensitive to the conditions of detention

The color combination of dark green leaves with bright red bracts, characteristic of the Mexican-native poinsettia, always reminds us of Christmas. In addition, it blooms during the winter holidays, which is why it got its poetic name "Christmas star". But the refusal of the plant to bloom in time can be a great disappointment.

Experienced flower growers say that poinsettia behaves this way if you violate the optimal conditions for its maintenance - put it in the wrong place, do not provide it with proper watering. Therefore, OBOZ.UA asked experts for advice on how to properly care for poinsettias. If you do everything as they recommend, it will bloom on time and will delight the eye with its unusually spectacular flowering.

The right location is the key to success

The key to successful poinsettia cultivation is choosing the right place for the plant pot. The flower likes to receive a lot of light, so it should be placed in a bright place where the sun's rays are indirect and daylight hours last at least six hours.

Since poinsettia is a tropical plant, it also likes warmth. Therefore, it should be kept away from places where it is cold and drafty. If you have a window that blows, it is better not to keep the plant on the windowsill. A frozen poinsettia will shed its buds and miss the flowering season.

Watering and fertilizing as secrets to success

Only water the poinsettia when the soil in the pot is noticeably dry to the touch. The frequency of watering may vary depending on the temperature in your home. The main thing is to try to prevent the plant from wilting and dropping its leaves. Check the soil daily for moisture and add water when needed.

It is also important to prevent waterlogging of the soil. This problem can be avoided with good drainage. If you are still worried that your plant is not getting enough moisture, give it a warm spray with settled water several times a week.

As for fertilizing, it is better to do it once a month in the winter season. The most convenient choice is a liquid fertilizer that is added to the water for irrigation. You can choose both a universal composition and specialized fertilizers for decorative or flowering flowerpots.

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