Where to hide money at home: 10 options that no one will suspect

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From prickly plants to salt shakers - what can become your "safe" at home

It's normal and natural to worry about your money and valuables. The main thing is not to let thoughts about whether you have hidden them well in your home crowd out all the others.

OBOZREVATEL tells you about ten places in the house where you can arrange a reliable hiding place. You can place both something valuable and things that are of great personal importance to you and that you would like to hide from prying eyes.

Toilet cistern

You shouldn't just hide something in a bag in the toilet bowl - this "hiding place" has long been considered one of the most unreliable. It's better to use a float that controls the process of drawing water into the tank. It will not be easy to fill it with treasures because its opening is quite narrow, and you may even have to cut the float and glue it back together. But it's unlikely that anyone else will fiddle with it. The downside is that the "floating safe" can be damaged, and you won't be able to hide anything heavy in it.


There is a little space under the plastic covers on the sockets to put a few bills or other small items. It is best to wrap them in some insulating material, for example, a rubber glove.

Fake power outlet

You can also disguise a small home safe as a power source. You can place it next to the working outlets and even in plain sight. Just cover the hole in the wall with a cover plate where you can put something valuable. You can even stick an unnecessary electrical appliance into the fake outlet to make it look even less suspicious.


A whole novel was once written about a cache in a set of upholstered chairs. So this trick still works. However, you need to hide valuables not immediately under the upholstery, but deep in the filler. Thieves often tear off the upholstery of furniture, but almost never search it to its fullest depth. The main thing is not to forget where you made the cut on the sofa. You can also use the edging at the end of a table to cut a small hole for a hiding place.

False pipe

This trick is similar to the fake outlet trick, but this time a water pipe can serve as a hiding place. Attach it next to the functional pipes in your home and try to make it look indistinguishable from the outside. Just make sure that you can easily remove it yourself.


The rubber seal on the refrigerator door also hides the magnets that hold it in place. If you take out a few of them, the functionality of the device will not be affected, and you will get a little free space for your stash. Simply cut the seal with a knife and remove one or more magnets.

Curtain rod

Curtain rods are usually hollow and easy to remove. What a great idea for a hiding place. But of all the options listed, this is probably the least reliable.


If you don't feel sorry for a living plant, you can make a good "safe" out of a cactus. Take it out of the pot and cut out the core of the plant. Try to leave at least a few roots. You're done. It's unlikely that anyone will try to find your secrets under such a thorny defense.


This option is temporary but more or less reliable. If you dip a bag of valuables into borscht, the dish will be a good hiding place. Moreover, the thicker the borsch, the harder it will be to find the stash. You can also roll up something valuable in a jar of canned tomatoes or cucumbers. But you will have to fill it tightly. And don't forget which jar you have your "safe" in.

Suspended or stretched ceiling

There is always a little space behind a false or stretched ceiling, and it can be used as a safe. But you need to hide things carefully so that they do not squeeze the coating with their weight and give away the hiding place. In this case, access is best organized through lighting fixtures.

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