Where in the apartment you should never use an air humidifier

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The air humidifier can be dangerous for children and pets

A humidifier is an indispensable device during the heating season. It will protect you from dry skin, sinus congestion, and other unpleasant symptoms that arise due to a dry atmosphere in your home. But to take full advantage of the gadget's benefits, you need to know where to place the humidifier.

CNet has analyzed how portable models can be used and moved around the house. The result is a list of six places where a humidifier should not be placed and a few recommendations for where it should be placed.

On the floor or carpet

If you have purchased a humidifier that disperses cold water, it should be placed at a certain elevation according to the instructions so that the droplets mix better with the air. Otherwise, the liquid will simply settle on the floor, leading to stains and mold growth. However, it is also better to place humidifiers with warm mist on a stand. As a last resort, place a tray or towel under the device to collect any water that drips from it.

Close to decor or wooden furniture

The closer you are to the humidifier, the higher the concentration of water in the air, which can damage delicate decorative items such as photographs, paintings, or pottery. Wooden furniture can swell and warp due to high humidity, making the device a bad neighbor for it.

Near electrical outlets or wires

No matter how well your electrical appliances and wiring are protected, it's still best not to take any risks.

Near any gadgets

Household appliances and home electronics are not designed to be used in high humidity conditions. Therefore, the mist from the humidifier can seriously damage them. Place them so that there is sufficient distance between the devices.

Near heating appliances

Depending on the model of your humidifier, placing it near a heat source can potentially create excessive amounts of mist. Instead of a pleasant atmosphere in the room, you will get real dampness.

Within reach of small children or pets

This tip may seem a bit obvious, but it never hurts to repeat it. Children and pets can damage the appliance and injure themselves in the process, especially when it comes to a humidifier that heats water. Therefore, if you need a humidity generator for a child's room, opt for a cold mist - it will be much safer.

The best place to install a humidifier

In the bedroom: The ideal place is a point 1-2 meters from the bed. This way, the device will be close enough to you, and the concentration of water vapor in the air will be optimal. The humidifier should be placed on a flat, dry surface, such as a nightstand, chest of drawers, or desk. But don't forget about the moisture that drips from it.

In the living room: Choose a place closer to the center. In this case, the moisture will be distributed evenly throughout the room.

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