When not to plant a garden: what folk omens say

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Top folk omens about a bountiful harvest

To achieve a generous and tasty harvest, you should take care of fertilizing the soil in advance. There are universal fertilizers that will help saturate plants with nutrients - manure, compost, peat, ash, etc. Mineral fertilizers can be added to organic fertilizers to enhance their effect. You shouldn't forget about the right companionship: it's better not to plant peppers next to legumes, and potatoes in the same bed as nightshades.

However, along with general advice, there are also folk signs. For example, corn has long been sown when the cherries blossomed. And carrots were soaked early in the morning, before sunrise, so that large and sweet fruits would grow. Read more about garden signs in the OBOZREVATEL article.

Our ancestors used to say that sunflowers are best sown on Saturday when the sun is not too active - at dawn or after sunset. Sunflowers should be sown in silence, without talking about everyday problems. Peas are also sown at dawn, and carrot seeds are soaked.

Pumpkins have long been planted on "market" days.

The earrings on the birch trees began to burst - it was time to sow grain.

Seals have appeared on the willow, and daffodils have bloomed in the flower beds - it's time to sow radishes, cabbage, and lettuce.

The elderberry and bird cherry blossomed, so we can plant potatoes, and there will be no more cold weather.

According to the signs, onions should be planted before the frogs start fermenting in the rivers.

Cherries blossomed - it was time to sow corn and dill, and with the flowering of apple trees, oats were sown.

They also paid attention to viburnum and rowan. According to the beliefs, as soon as these bushes bloom, you can plant tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and pumpkins in the garden.

By the way, people say that tomatoes and cucumbers should not be planted next to each other in the garden. This proximity will cause poor fruiting. The sign has a scientific explanation.

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