When you should not hang curtains in a room: tips from designers

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Curtains in the interior look gorgeous, but they are not always appropriate

On the one hand, curtains are the element of the interior that makes it cozy and creates a more intimate atmosphere in the room, protecting it from the views from the street. On the other hand, you can save money on them. And designers even argue that in some cases their absence is the best solution.

OBOZ.UA asked when exactly the rejection of curtains will benefit the interior and also found out what exactly is the best way to decorate and protect windows in this case.

Small windows

When a window opening already lets in a little light because it is low and narrow, it is very inappropriate to cover it with curtains. Textiles will absorb some of the light even when the curtains are open. It is better to install roller or Roman blinds on small windows. They will provide privacy and protection from direct sunlight when needed, and when closed, they will not make the room even darker.

Windows with poor access to light

Windows that face north or for some other reason let in little light (for example, because of the shade from thick trees or other buildings) are also better not to decorate with curtains. The reason is the same: textiles will make the room even darker.

Kitchen or bathroom

Rooms with a high level of humidity, such as a kitchen or bathroom, are not practical to decorate with curtains. Yes, a translucent curtain in the bathroom can look absolutely luxurious. But it will also collect water vapor, which can lead to the development of mold. In the kitchen, grease, soot, and other contaminants that occur during cooking are also added to the humidity. Because of this, curtains can quickly lose their decorative qualities and turn into a dirty rag. In damp rooms, it is better to give preference to something that dries quickly and can be easily cleaned. Blinds or shutters will do well. They can be dusted once a week and you won't have to worry about excessive dirt.

Children or animals

In a home where there are small children who love to explore the world and/or mobile, active animals, curtains may be inappropriate for safety reasons. After all, it is not that difficult to pull them off the curtain rod (or even together with the curtain rod) and injure yourself in this way. However, here you can focus on the behavior and habits of all the inhabitants of the house.

Windows with a beautiful view

You must admit that it's strange to buy a house with windows overlooking a park, forest, river, sea, city, and then cover this view with curtains. No painting can compare to such beauty, so don't deprive yourself of the aesthetic pleasure of admiring the scenery every day and night.

Saving money

To tell you the truth, curtains are the item on which you can save. Sewing curtains can be very expensive. Therefore, if you have a tight budget, give preference to something simpler: blinds or roller blinds.

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