What zodiac signs will never make a good match: absolutely not compatible

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The characteristics of these signs make them incompatible

Love is a great mystery. No one knows how it appears and why attraction to some people arises instantly, while others, no matter how hard they try, do not evoke any emotions. However, astrologers have lifted the veil of mystery over this area.

According to the characteristics of the signs, they have made pairs that will definitely not suit each other. This may be due to differences in innate temperament or opposite personality traits. Find out which sign you should avoid

Aries - Capricorn

Aries are bold, even to the point of arrogance. They don't ask permission to do anything or express themselves in any way. When you try to restrain them, it can cause fierce resistance. So, Aries needs a more calm and flexible partner. Capricorn is definitely not the right option. In such a pair, both will fight for control over the relationship. Equal ambition and stubbornness will only cause disagreements and quarrels.

Taurus - Libra

Taurus are naturally very confident in their skills and abilities and don't feel the need to prove it to other people. They move slowly and deliberately to get things right the first time. They are very loyal and reliable partners, so they appreciate these qualities in other people. They need someone who can take everything in stride and share the small moments of life. Libras can be attracted to Taurus, but their reluctance to express their feelings and get into conflicts contrasts with the directness of the spring sign. These two can be great friends, but long-term compatibility does not look promising.

Gemini - Virgo

Gemini are cheerful, flirtatious and very sociable, they want everything to be easy and relaxed, including their personal life. In a partner, they want to see a best friend with whom they enjoy spending time. Their favorite type of relationship is the one where they can laugh until they cry and say anything to each other without fear of judgment. Instead, Virgo likes clear plans and takes things too seriously. And the constant arguments that can occur between these two against this background should be a sign that they need to stay away.

Cancer - Aquarius

Cancers are looking for love for life. They want constant verbal confirmation and small gifts to feel cared for by their partner. Representatives of this sign have a very open heart and need a partner who is attuned to their emotions. Cancer lovers are very affectionate and seek attention in return. They are attracted to Aquarius' generosity and devotion. But it is almost impossible to establish the necessary emotional connection with them. Aquarians don't often share their feelings and have a hard time articulating their emotions and frustrations. This can make Cancer feel abandoned and depressed.

Leo - Taurus

Leo's love is always fire and fireworks. Representatives of this sign love to take the initiative in relationships. They can be impulsive and hot-tempered in relationships, but they always speak from the heart and are committed to their feelings. Leos need a partner who is not afraid to get in touch with their sensitive side and does not mind giving up control. Taurus likes Leo's romantic and flirtatious nature, but the sign's stubbornness destroys all prospects. It's only a matter of time before these two have a disagreement and a conflict arises. The pride of Leo and the stubbornness of Taurus will not give a chance to solve problems.

Virgo - Sagittarius

Virgo is a perfectionist, and she knows better than anyone how important all sorts of little things are to a relationship. And it's not just about romantic notes and chocolate surprises. The sign's representatives are ready to put all their efforts into the partnership and expect their soulmate to make an effort as well. The ideal partner for Virgo is the same ambitious, thoughtful, and attentive to details. And Sagittarius, although capable of making Virgo laugh to tears, still has an incompatible lifestyle. He needs freedom, and he doesn't like to label things if it can be avoided. He won't be able to give Virgo the certainty she needs. This couple will have to put in a lot of patience and effort to make the relationship work.

Libra - Cancer

Being one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, Libra has high hopes for love. They are looking for a partner who can fulfill their promises. And they prefer to behave quite calmly and naturally. A moody and jealous partner is not for this sign. Libra is attracted to Cancer by its thoughtfulness and pleasant nature. However, Cancers can be incredibly petty and emotionally cold when they feel neglected. They don't disdain to play games if they think they've been wronged. And although Libra can find excuses for any shortcomings of their loved one, it is still impossible to solve the problem if you don't talk about it. And Cancer will not make concessions here.

Scorpio - Leo

Scorpio may be the most mysterious sign of the zodiac, but you can't hide its passion. This sign is looking for a partner who can look behind the front facade and learn more about them. Scorpio seeks a sense of security and prefers a low-key partnership with lots of quality time together and intimacy. Scorpio finds Leo's charm and charisma attractive, but excessive individualism is only annoying. It doesn't even help that Leo is perhaps the only sign that can match Scorpio in terms of passion and stubbornness. This is bound to provoke quarrels and disagreements, and they will not be resolved because no one will want to make concessions.

Sagittarius - Pisces

Love is all about taking risks and putting yourself in your lover's shoes, which Sagittarians do very easily. They love the flexibility and freedom that comes with a lifestyle of no strings attached, so when it comes to formality, they try to avoid it to the last. The ideal partner will not hold back or limit Sagittarius. On the contrary, they will encourage their spirit of spontaneity. Pisces, although they have a laid-back personality and a similar approach to dating, communicate in a completely different way. This is a very emotional sign that likes to talk about their feelings. This stark contrast in ways of expressing themselves is likely to put an end to things before love can arise.

Capricorn - Gemini

Capricorns are known for their practical approach to dating. They know that a lasting feeling doesn't come spontaneously and it takes time to get to know a partner better. This sign is known for their consistency, so it's no surprise that their biggest dating problem is an unreliable person. Constant lateness or forgetting important dates together annoys Capricorn. Gemini, who are admired for their openness, like everything to be relaxed and free, they are oppressed by Capricorn's desire for clear commitments. In a relationship, Gemini is likely to feel that Capricorn is boring and unadventurous, and instead will give the impression of being too weak.

Aquarius - Scorpio

Aquarius is an eccentric sign when it comes to dating. They don't have a particular favorite type, but they are still very selective about who they date. There has to be something unique about the other person to pique an Aquarius' interest. This sign sees love as a situation where two people unite despite their differences. Therefore, an Aquarius partner needs someone who has an interesting and exciting life of their own and respects their need for personal space and freedom. Therefore, a Scorpio personality will be too powerful. At first, they may seem relaxed and accommodating, but jealousy and impatience with situations where they are not paid attention quickly spoil this impression. Also, both signs are the type of people who defend their position in disputes and find it difficult to see the problem from the other person's point of view. Therefore, even though Aquarius and Scorpio may have great sexual chemistry, you can't build a relationship on this.

Pisces - Aries

Pisces is passionate and deep in love. They experience a wide range of emotions and don't mind sharing them. As a water sign, they are very good at picking up on the mood of other people and are happy to do anything to make them feel comfortable. Pisces is ready to give everything to their partner, so they need a partner who not only takes, but also shares just as willingly. That's why Pisces and Aries feel a strong attraction to each other. But water and fire are incompatible with each other - the flame can go out as quickly as it can ignite. Aries tend to be more assertive and authoritative in relationships, often overwhelming someone who has a more subtle style of communication. This is one of the key reasons why such a couple is unlikely to work out.

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