What zodiac signs are the biggest manipulators: top 6

Top manipulative zodiac signs

Dealing with manipulative people is not the most pleasant social interaction. Manipulative behavior may not be immediately recognizable, but it affects the emotional state and can even lead to psychological problems.

Astrologers say that some zodiac signs are more prone to manipulation. They know how to play with emotions, are able to go over the heads of others for their own benefit, and often resort to lies and gossip. Here are the top 6 signs that are not easy to communicate with: from those who are sometimes capable of tricks to real manipulators.


For Libra, the most important thing in life is to maintain balance. Maria Hays, an astrologer at Trusted Astrology, noted that representatives of this sign are capable of cunning just to avoid sharp corners.

Libras do not need quarrels and scandals. If they resort to lying, it is mostly for the good, not to offend or hurt anyone. "Libras use their gentle charm to tactfully guide others to the right path," added Tara Bennett, an astrologer at Mediumchat.


Capricorns know exactly what they need to succeed. They are often driven solely by their ambition and don't mind manipulating others to get to the top. These people are rational careerists who are ready to do anything for profit, fame, and recognition.

"Capricorns are the type of manipulators who make you think it was your idea to do whatever they want you to do," explained Stina Garbis, an astrologer at Psychic Stina.


Despite the fact that Virgos are known for their gentleness and rather unkind nature, behind their kind personality lies a person who wants - and can and does - impose their beliefs on others. "Their manipulation tends to be passive-aggressive," emphasized Hays.

You can expect unsolicited advice and veiled threats from Virgos. Virgos often tend to play the role of the victim to get what they want. However, it is not always easy to tell if you are being manipulated or not. This sign is good at hiding secrets, so it's not easy to find out their motives.


Leos strive for success and recognition. They need to get what they want quickly. With strong innate charisma and leadership skills, they know how to be persistent. Few people can say "no" to Leos.

When manipulating, Leos will first of all suppress your self-confidence. "If you're in competition with a Leo, they'll let you shine first, and then they'll go on stage, get the first prize, and leave you with nothing," says astrologer Ryan Marquardt. Leos study your abilities and play on your weaknesses.


Gemini will be the first to blame someone else for their failures. "With the planet Mercury as their ruler, Gemini are intelligent and clever in their communication," said Jill Loftis, an astrologer at Nuit Astrology. "They have a lot of ideas and plans, but they don't always know how to succeed.

Gemini are capable of betrayal and lying for their own benefit. "The victim accepts their fate, and Gemini continues to live as if nothing happened to the person they deceived for their own benefit," added Hayes.


The rating of manipulative signs is quite expectedly headed by Scorpios. Bennett notes that they pull everyone's strings with their subtle influences: "They can read people and always use situations to their advantage."

Scorpios are known to be very persuasive when they speak. They can force their point of view on you and accuse you of something you didn't do at all. Scorpios do not feel remorse for betrayal - and this is what makes them the most dangerous sign in the rating.

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