What you should not do during cleaning: the house will become even dirtier

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If it seems to you that your cleaning only makes your house dirtier, you may be making these mistakes

Sometimes it happens that no matter how much you clean your house, it doesn't get cleaner. And sometimes even more dirt collects. Housekeeping experts say the reason may be that you're making common mistakes. They negate all the considerable efforts.

OBOZREVATEL talks about these common mistakes and how to fix them quickly and easily.

Using floor cleaner

Modern floor care products attract with the promise of not having to be rinsed off. However, they still accumulate on the surface over time and create a sticky layer to which dust, pet hair, and other dirt only adhere better. In addition, ugly stains remain on this layer. Therefore, experts advise not to add floor cleaners with every wash but at least once in a while to do a routine wet cleaning with just warm water. And don't forget that you need to collect fine dirt with a broom or vacuum cleaner beforehand, otherwise, you will simply spread it across the floor.

Dust on the top shelves and back surfaces

Yes, a layer of dust on the refrigerator, top shelves, or cabinet surfaces is not conspicuous. Neither are dusty back surfaces. Therefore, it seems that they can be cleaned less often. But in fact, the slightest draft and part of this pollution rises into the air and settles in the field of view. Therefore, you have to clean the dust more often.

Rubbing carpets

When cleaning a carpet, many people rub it, believing that this will better remove dirt from its pile, especially when it comes to stains. In fact, this only makes the textile more disheveled and it begins to accumulate dirt even more. Therefore, it is advised to clean the carpet carefully and do not scrub the stains but soak them from the edges to the center with appropriate means.

Ignoring the drain in the kitchen

A poorly cleaned drain in the kitchen can start to spread an unpleasant odor over time. And the action of dishwashing detergent, which many people rely on, is not enough. From time to time, you need to pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, fill it with hot water and leave it to act for 15-20 minutes. After that, rinse the drain with a stream of water. To enhance the effect of baking soda, you can add vinegar instead of water.

Using polishes on vertical surfaces

Polishes for stainless steel or glass make vertical surfaces shiny. But not for long. The layer of the product is designed in such a way that it easily leaves fingerprints and stains. Dust and hair also stick to it. Therefore, such scrubbing can become endless. Sometimes it is better to treat the surface with some kind of degreaser, such as an alcohol-containing liquid or vinegar.

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