What you should definitely do in the vegetable garden in December: you will be grateful later on

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What to do in the garden in December

Most gardeners try to get all their gardening done in the fall so they can relax in the winter. However, in December, there are still a few things that need to be done before the soil is completely frozen.

OBOZ.UA has found effective tips that will help you cope with this. You will be satisfied with the result of your work, having received a good and abundant harvest.

Winter crops

At the beginning of winter, you can still sow various types of lettuce, radishes, spinach, carrots, beets, and other frost-resistant crops. But you should sow the beds more densely and be sure to mulch to protect the plants from sudden temperature changes. In the spring, you will get an early harvest of garden crops.

Spring sowing

If you are planning to plant an apple tree, magnolia, hawthorn, linden, maple, juniper, or pine in the spring, you need to prepare for this in December and stratify the seeds. This is a pre-sowing seed treatment that involves keeping the seeds in wet sand or crushed peat at a low temperature for a certain period.

This will accelerate the growth of the plant when you plant it. The stratification of fruit crops is different, for example, an apple tree or apricot needs 80-100 days, and a cherry or cherry plum needs 100-120 days.

You can also already plan future crops. It is important to consider crop rotation and pay attention to areas that need to be fertilized.

Tools for gardening

In winter, gardeners have enough time to check and prepare garden tools for the next season. Disinfection is necessary to avoid transferring diseases and pests to plants.

You can use alcohol, acetone, or vodka to do this. Soak a clean cloth with the liquid and wipe everything thoroughly. Then put the tools in a dry place.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA published tips to help you grow the perfect winter onions.

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