What vegetables can be easily grown at home: the best options

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What vegetables can be easily grown at home

Owners do not need to have their own greenhouses to grow vegetables and herbs in winter. You can do it yourself at home, the main thing is to choose the right varieties of crops and create favorable conditions for their growth and development.

OBOZ.UA has collected effective tips to help you do this. All you need is a little space in your apartment and patience.

It is important to choose a warm place with good lighting, avoid drafts, and keep plants away from hot radiators or fireplaces. Use containers with drainage holes and good quality soil. This will ensure better growth and juicy fruits.

Remember to water the seedlings regularly and fertilize the soil to avoid pests and diseases.

Salad leaves

Place the seed pot in a sunny window so that the plant gets enough light during the day. If there is not enough sunlight, then you need to provide additional lighting. You can buy special lamps for growing plants.


Choose varieties with small fruits as they are intended for planting in containers. Place the pot in a sunny spot and water the plants regularly.


Peppers need at least six to eight hours of sunlight per day, so make sure you choose a suitable location for the crop.


Microgreens are a great source of nutrients and vitamins. It is also rich in calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. These are young seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs, including radishes, cabbage, basil, and mustard. Grow them in a shallow container.

Green onions

Choose pots with holes for drainage and place them in a sunny and bright place.

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