What Ukrainian surnames came from the names of pagan gods: a list

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Christmas Didukh - a pagan idol that gave rise to several surnames

Slavic mythology is shrouded in many mysteries and we know very little about it. History has hardly preserved the names and descriptions of the gods of our ancestors. However, linguists still identify several Ukrainian surnames that have mythological origins.

In particular, they were named by the philosopher, religious scholar, and ethnologist Halyna Lozko. In her book Native Names. Slavic Names" she collected and systematized about 4,000 Ukrainian names and surnames. In the preface, she names several variants associated with ancient pagan gods and spirits.

Perun, Perunych - formed from the name of the supreme god of the Slavic pantheon Perun, the ruler of the sky, the lord of thunder and lightning, the god of fertility and the patron saint of warriors.

Veles, Volos, Velesych, Veles, Volosevych - comes from the name of the god Veles, who was probably the god of wealth, trade, art, and the ruler of the underworld.

Svarozhych - Ethnographers suggest that Svarog was the god of fire and blacksmithing, and it was believed that he gave people the gift of making weapons and tools.

Dazhbogovych - Researchers call Dazhbog the Slavic sun god. Perhaps he was considered the son of Svarog. He was probably responsible for prosperity in the pantheon.

Leliak, Leliuk, Lel, Lelko, Lelchuk, etc. - some researchers associate the appearance of this surname with the gods Lelya, Lel, and Polel, the children of Svarog and Lada. All of them were responsible for various manifestations of love. However, ethnologists doubt that these gods existed in pre-Christian times and were not invented later. Many linguists also associate the emergence of such surnames with the name Oleksii, one of the forms of which in Ukrainian is Lel.

Korochun, Kerechun, Kerechanyn - possibly derive from the name of the winter solstice Korochun (Karachun, Kerechun). The same word is used to describe a set of Christmas rituals and beliefs, and in some regions of western Ukraine, a special Christmas bread.

Rusalka, Rusalko, Rusal, Rusaluk, Rusalchuk, Rusalovych, Rusalenko - these are the names of water spirits. Mermaids were most often imagined as beautiful girls with blue or green hair who lured young boys and children into the water and could tickle them to death or drown them. It was believed that they take care of the fertility of the fields.

Didukh, Didushok - comes from a pagan idol in the form of a richly decorated sheaf that was placed on the table during the Christmas celebration. It is interpreted as a symbol of the ancestor of the family, an ideal host, a good harvest and prosperity.

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